Have more space

get things done



schedule meetings in the conference room because you’re embarrassed by stacks of files on your desk, chair and/or floor?


get your desk cleared and organized just the way you like it, but two days later it’s covered in papers again?


claim to know where everything is but when a client calls you find yourself you’re frantically searching through the piles to find his information?


find your lack of organization is getting in the way of your productivity, even to the point of costing you clients?


find yourself saying just a little too often?

“Someday, when I get organized…”

“Just as soon as I get my act together…”

“If only there were only more hours in the day…”

Sound Familiar?

We’ve all been there.

I was the queen of clutter.

I used every BS story in the book:

“But I have better things to do.”

”But I don’t have time.”

“But I don’t want to.”

But, but, but.

Then, I got the cancer diagnosis that would change everything. Going through surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments over the course of a year taught me what not having time is really about. I’ve even got the ‘kick cancer in the ass’ boots to prove it.

It was time for a reframe.

I found the systems that allow me to keep my office clutter-free and to manage my time, so it doesn’t manage me.

For the record, I’m not perfect. Who really wants to work with a perfect organizer, anyway? Doesn’t it feel great to know that papers still pile up even in MY office?

But now, I can get re-organized in just 5 minutes per day, because I have a system.

And you can too.

I can show you how.

Let’s kick your BS to the curb.

You may be thinking “Ok great, Catherine, but how does it all work?”


It’s easy. Just follow these four steps below.

Complete the Productive Environment Scorecard

Complete your Productive Environment Scorecard. This takes just a few moments.


Review Your Productivity Audit

Schedule your 20 minute Productivity Audit session with me (phone or Zoom) to see how I can help you. You will receive an email with a scheduling link upon receipt of your Scorecard.


We Work Together

I provide 3 levels of service:


We Enable You To Succeed

Whether you follow the DIY course, work with me individually, or participate in a team day, you will have a system that you can implement going forward that will take you so much closer to achieving your goals.


Still not convinced?

Here’s my client Dawn’s story.

Catherine came in locked and loaded with a plan and executed it perfectly. Her enthusiasm and energy was contagious. She was able to make the most tedious projects of reorganization and moving large office items a fun and engaging experience.

I would and will highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking to redo their office. She is easy to work with and listened to our ideas. We were often hesitant to make changes as change is hard, but she gently convinced us to rearrange and redesign, always giving us the chance to preview her ideas before committing to them. In every case, she was right.

Needless to say, we didn’t change anything back. Our work environment is more streamlined, more efficient and more pleasing to the senses.

Dawn Reshen-Doty

Benay Enterprises, Inc.

I’m Catherine Avery, a Certified Productive Environment Consultant and Interior Designer.

I spent over 10 years working on your side of the desk on Wall Street. I know what it’s like to have pressure-cooker deadlines where time is money.

Now I want to help YOU become the business badass you really are. Let me help you find your organization and design solutions to create YOUR productive environment.

Sign up for my EPIC Productivity Audit.

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