Increase your business productivity today.

We Make Interiors Exceptional. 

OUR passion for redesigning office spaces is driven by YOUR vision of success.

We put the fun back into functional office environments. We design to the unique needs of each of our clients by asking questions and carefully listening to the answers and those quiet spaces in between. We create Productive Environments not only by designing your space but organizing systems to ensure you and your employees can work effectively and efficiently.

Your Office Space + Our Systems = Your Success

Are You A Corporate Chris?

You need an office environment that reflects what makes you amazing as a company and supports the productivity and well being of your employees.

Are You A Motivated Morgan?

So much to do so little time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could clone yourself? You need to open space and time to think strategically so you can work on your business and grow it to the next level.

April’s Office

“Catherine Avery of Productivity by Design™ is awesome!! My office feels so spacious now and I definitely get more work done. Before, it was so uncomfortable and cramped.

The problem: My desk was too big for the space but I didn’t know the best type of desk for my awkward office. Also, my bookshelf took up too much room in this already tiny space.

The solution: Catherine walked in and immediately shifted things out of the office – just to give me more floor space”

April Gregory

Productivity by Design™



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