Here at Avery Design Interiors, we have been busy elves readying our clients’ homes, as well as our own, for the holiday season. Here are three family friendly pointers for holiday decorating.


Toy Cabinet

1. De-Toy

Before the impending influx of new toys, clean out your children’s current toys, whether in a basement play room, their own room or the family room.

As you sort, ask yourself the following:
Are there any missing pieces or parts?
Is anything broken and can we fix it?
Has my child played with this in the last three months?

In the last year, your child’s tastes have changed. In our family, we have successfully reused the bins with Little People (now residing in said attic bag mentioned below) for the burgeoning collection of clothes and accessories for our daughter’s American Girl doll.

Ideally, you will be able to do the clean-out in conjunction with your child. Let them choose which toys to give away. But if your child can’t let go and might miss a toy, store them in a big plastic bag or bin in the attic. In three months, if your child hasn’t asked for it and it’s still in good condition, pass it on to a local charity or school.

Child's Christmas Tree

2. Decorate

Have your children decorate their own rooms.

They can make ornaments or set up a menorah or crèche. Purchase a small tree and let your child decorate it with some of your unbreakable ornaments or their home-made ones. My daughter loves her new tree – kitschy isn’t it?

You can keep your children occupied for hours with some great arts and crafts during this season. They can make a handmade card for Grandma and Grandpa. Or have them decorate plain brown paper to use as wrapping paper for gifts.

Christmas Cookies

My personal favorite – have your child join you in the kitchen to help bake holiday cookies. It’s all messy but a ton of fun.

3. Dine

This is your chance to get back in your under-utilized Dining Room. Please bring out Grandma’s fine china, the family silverware and the gorgeous crystal goblets you got at your wedding. Really, there’s no need to let these lovely items collect dust just because you are afraid one might break. I mixed my Christmas china, crystal and Grandma’s silverware with fun contemporary accessories.

Surprisingly, your children will rise to the occasion. Have a practice run this weekend. Pretend you are having a tea party with the prince and princess.

Make it a big deal! Dress them up in their finest, seat them at the big table and use this opportunity to let them practice their very best manners on your family.

Here’s the trick – don’t start dinner at the regular time. We eat dinner by no later than 4 on holidays.

If you want to spread out the joy and think (okay seriously…know) your kids won’t make it through, have a sophisticated dessert for the grown-ups a little later and just let the kids munch on those delicious home-made Christmas cookies and hot chocolate in front of a holiday movie in the family room.

Aren’t sure how to make it all come together? Give me a call and I will style your Dining Room for the holidays.

I love to hear from you. Which is your favorite holiday tradition?

From our home to yours, wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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