Today is a more personal post as I understand from many of you that you enjoy getting to know the person behind the designs. It has always been my belief that some of the best learning takes place when we travel and unbelievable amounts of inspiration strike when we are out of our comfort zone.




This photo was taken during a 3 week trip through Bolivia and Peru that I planned for my 30th birthday. It was on day 5 of 6 hiking to Machu Picchu.


It was the rainy season.



I had trained for this trip but I could not train for altitude sickness which I had severely. Taking meds made me feel worse so I lived on cooked vegetables and rice and drank a lot of coca tea.


When we voted to continue on, I was in dead last on the hike. The rest of the group never expected I would agree. But I said yes. We had lunch on that windy wet ridge. I ate my bowl of vegetable soup standing up briefly, because I knew if I sat down I would not get up again. I arrived to lunch last and left first.


I don’t remember how many hours it took me to hike 17km – many. I don’t remember how many times I got sick – many. I also shed many tears, commingled in the rain, from sheer bone-deep exhaustion.


At the end of the day, we were greeted by this glorious warm glow of sunset – a reprieve from the storm. I asked to have my photo taken so I would never forget the triumph. It’s the reminder of my inner strength, of what happens when you dig deep and find inner resources you had no idea were inside.


I often thought of that day during my cancer journey.



It reminded me of my inner badass and I just kept on walking…one step after another. And that’s how any of us gets through the tougher times in life.


Clicking here will lead you to a video which has more of the details of the story.


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What challenges are you most proud of?


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