We are enjoying a last hurrah for summer in our favorite place, Fenwick Island DE. Surrounded by family, new friends and lots of construction workers on our new beach home, we have had delicious home cooked dinners courtesy of my Mer (I learned everything I know about cooking from hanging out in her kitchen), played mini golf, gone to the beach and made decisions about which closet to use for the HVAC and at what height we should place the fireplace. It’s a wonderful balance of mostly fun and relaxation with a bit of work (as little as possible please).


‘Green’ Space

As we watch the devastation on the coast of Texas, I want to note that we have a responsibility to our planet. It is our only home. When I design spaces, I keep this top of mind. I make each office space as ‘green’ as possible given various other considerations. As we build our beach home, our first floor is 9′ above sea level per FEMA regulations. We will use native landscaping to ensure that our little spot on the bay is kept healthy. I ask you to please do your part too, so that our children and grandchildren can love living on planet earth as much as we have. Thanks in advance.


When we travel to Fenwick Island, we stay at different rental units. It’s fun to see how owners organize their space. Do they have lots of tchotchkes and expect that renters will just be careful with their things? Or do they keep everything spare and minimalist? The former is an Everything Out and the latter is a Nothing Out.


Read on or watch the video to learn more.

An everything out person, wants to be able to see everything. You worry if you don’t have everything out you will forget to get things done. you often find yourself piling files and papers up upon themselves.



Now I am not saying It’s black and white here. You need to know there are degrees of severity along the spectrum. It’s all about figuring out what works for you and then manipulating it into your space. To find ways to increase productivity and inhibit the building chaos.


I have a few techniques for making life a little less cluttered while being able to keep your style in mind. Check out the video for a more in depth look.


Are you an everything out or nothing out person? Let me know in the comments below.

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