“You take it all in. You let the pain of the world touch your heart and you turn it into compassion.” 16th  Gyalwa Karmapa 


WTC Memorial

Last month, Bob and I went to the 9/11 Memorial to pay respect to all who served and lost their lives, to honor our friends and to say goodbye. 9/11 always get me right down to my bones. I can still feel the sadness of losing so many. It took us 16 years to go to that memorial. And it might take us 16 more to get to the museum, not because we don’t care but because those memories are painful. We can only do them in small doses.


9/11 was also the second anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis phone call.
This 9/11 friends of ours weathered Hurricane Irma while I went to work ‘as usual’. But it’s never, as usual, any more on 9/11. And even though my head was in my work, my heart was with my friends in the hurricane’s path.

We move forward but we never forget.


Tell them you love them.
Write a blessing or a thank you note to someone who has helped you.
Be kind and compassionate.
Pray for peace.
Help your neighbor.
Just imagine…if each of us does even one kind thing each day, how much better the world will be.

Namaste – my soul honors your soul.


Remember the hours after September 11th when we came together as one to answer the attack against our homeland. We drew strength when our firefighters ran upstairs and risked their lives so that others might live; when rescuers rushed into smoke and fire at the Pentagon; when the men and women of Flight 93 sacrificed themselves to save our nation’s Capitol; when flags were hanging from front porches all across America, and strangers became friends. It was the worst day we have ever seen, but it brought out the best in all of us.
– Senator John Kerry

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