I’ve been hard at work with clients to produce some amazing things. The more work I take on, the more streamlined my productivity needs be.

I’m a saver, so I have to be very careful with my systems. Let me explain.

On the spectrum, there are 2 ends, savers and minimalists. It applies to how you value your possessions and determine their usefulness.



As an example, I save keys, because I worry that I may one day find what the key belongs to. Though in most cases I never use or touch those keys again.


Disadvantages to being a saver? Saving things takes space, and space holds energy, both positive and negative.

I recommend that if you’re a saver, you follow these simple rules:

  • Get rid of things without value
  • Only buy what you actually need and will bring you joy
  • Toss things past shelf life


On the other end of the spectrum is where the minimalists live. minimalist doesn’t like any excess anywhere. They want nothing on counters, no clutter. They feel in control of their space and find it easy to decide what to give away or not keep.


I recommend that if you’re a minimalist, you follow these simple rules:

  • Create systems to manage your items
  • Be gentle with yourself


By knowing yourself and your inherent preferences, you will be better prepared to maximize your productivity.

Which do you identify with, the saver or the minimalist? 


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