As 2017 winds down to a close, I am reflecting on the past. I started 2017 with two words of the year because I could not narrow it down to one word. They were power and grace. Power was about taking my power back after chemo. Grace was about relying on the grace of God. We started our year with the death of our close friend, Theresa, and that, along with my cancer journey, has informed much of my activity and reflection this past year. I am not getting younger and I have much left to do.

2018 will usher in a new website for Resovate. But it will be so much more than a website. I know I have a message to pass on that goes beyond simply designing space. Don’t get me wrong I love to design office spaces and that will absolutely continue.




It’s time for me to share my story in a much bigger way.

There were so many lessons I learned on my cancer journey. These are lessons that can apply to anyone. Why wait to have cancer or another difficult illness to learn them? The theme is Less Work, More Weekend™. It’s about crafting a life that allows you more time to do the things you enjoy. I see too many entrepreneurs and small business owners working seven days a week. It’s not healthy. We are meant to balance life with some fun.

Expect to see a book, more inspirational content on my blog and Facebook Live videos. I am also looking for opportunities to speak, so if you belong to a group that could benefit from my message Less Work, More Weekend™ please let me know.

Stepping out of my comfort zone in 2018

I realized my word of the year will be Empowerment, which is defined as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” Last year I reclaimed my power. This year I want to help others find and reclaim theirs.

Life is a magical journey. I have loved traveling this road with you thus far. Let’s see where the road takes us in 2018 together.

Warmest holiday wishes,

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