Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the mess and clutter of your workspace? Do you find your productivity is stunted by workspace chaos and really need that file system?

No matter how skilled of a worker you are when your space is in disarray you are not fulfilling to your potential.

There’s a great way to handle this – Divide, File and Conquer.

First, you need to know that you are not alone.


So let’s Divide that space!

You may be thinking I am about to ask you to take a well sharped ax and divvy up that room! No need. While some lumberjack style decor might be perfect for you, let’s start with the easy stuff.

“How do I get out from under the thumb of my messy workspace.”

Start off by Dividing your space, you want to isolate all the clutter and move it away from your workspace. Your productive office space should be spic and span.

Once you have taken everything out it’s good to start thinking about placement. Where you want your desk, where your storage units will be the most effective. Draw a simple sketch of how you would like everything to look. Pencil in everything you need in the space and if does not fit it does not come into the room.


It’s time to Compile and File!

Now you have your furniture plan you are ready for the fun part!

Filing is truly important to running a well-oiled workspace. There are so many different options for filing. As an example, I love standing file holders, you know the kind you can fill with magazines. I put my files in them instead with each magazine holder assigned to certain tasks.

Every six weeks, my bookkeeper comes to update my invoices and P&L. I know that each time she will need a stapler and paper clips in addition to the file folders and my receipts. Rather than having to look for these items I keep all of those items in her vertical holder. It contains everything she needs and everything goes back into that space when she’s done.

Do you find yourself pressed for space? Don’t worry, they make chairs and stools that have multiple layers of storage. Your regular filing cabinets can be updated to ones that can store far more than just files.


Conquering the Fear, Organize and Repeat

So you have done the legwork, you have organized your space and obtained the items you need. At this point, give yourself a pat on the back. The important thing to remember it’s the active choice to embrace change that pushes us to grow.




You now need a plan to maintain your filing system.



It’s this simple plan that will take you from worrying about clutter and chaos.

Soon you will automatically put things away in the right place. It may be a struggle at first, but ask your friends and family to cheer you on. They can also serve as a reminder system, when you leave a pile of papers out or all your drafting tools.

It’s all about finding what items and systems work best with your style and need. That’s where a Productivity master like myself can help!

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