Happy August!

Family Avery has been busy summering on the weekends – raw bar dinners at Fayerweather overlooking the Sound, a birthday celebration at the lake, breakfast on the beach.

This has also been the summer of the great clean out. Jess and I have been doggedly organizing room to room – throwing out the trash, giving away to others in need, shifting the energy here at Casa Avery. Everything is energy and clearing out our home is making space for new good things to flow in.

As we worked on the physical environment, I realized I could apply many of the same principles to my digital world. And that other folks would want to join in the fun. For the last week, I have been running a Digital Detox Challenge on my Facebook page: productivitybydesign.com. So far, we have covered how to spend less time on the giant time suck known as social media, how to organize your digital filing system (hint – it’s a finding system), and how to organize your email inbox. Our next class will be on Thursday, Aug 9. You can tune in at 11:30 eastern. We will be working on the ins and outs of asana.

Speaking of apps, for years I swore by a great free app for managing email inbox clutter. It allowed you to unsubscribe in bulk – a huge time saver. But unfortunately, the company shared information which meant only getting more spammy emails – thus ensued a vicious cycle…

Last week, I discovered Mailstrom – the most amazing app ever. Ok well, maybe I am just a little bit excited. In fact, my amazing online business manager created a meme of my reaction from the Facebook Live video class.

Mailstrom lets you delete up to 1,250 emails for free. That gives you plenty enough time to determine if the app is for you. I signed up by the time I had deleted 1,000 because the paid version is so robust. And it’s under $60 for the year.

What can Mailstrom do?

There are several ways to sort your inbox. You can sort by Sender or Subscribe or Time – whatever makes you happy. Then you can run through the list and delete.
It allows you to unsubscribe and delete. Double time saver.
You can archive emails. I archived all of my client emails prior to 2018.
There’s so much more. But that gets you started.
Here’s the best part – in just 2 hours, I reduced my inbox from nearly 25,693 emails to 4,801. I still have a bit to go but letting go of over 20,000 emails in just 2 hours… Amazing!

See you in two weeks with more of my favorite apps. Meanwhile get out there and enjoy the summer!

To your success,

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