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Home Office Clients

In working with my home office clients, I see certain themes come up time and again. Inevitably, the person will be sitting either at the dining room table or on the sofa with a laptop in their laps, papers scattered every which way and frustrated as all flip because they feel like they are spinning their wheels. There is a better way. Here is the second thing you can change in your work environment to improve your productivity.

I know I know – ergonomics yawn and oh the expense. But this is the number one place I encourage clients to drop some of their hard-earned dough. You can always sit at an IKEA desk – I do and I really like it – but you need to ensure that your body is situated in the right chair and in the right position if you want to avoid long-term back issues.

When you shop for a chair you must have the option to sit in it! Don’t just purchase that chair online because your friend raves about it. Every person’s body shape and size is different and what fits your spouse may not work for you. If you absolutely must share a chair please make it is adjustable.

Ergonomics – How to Choose a Chair

A fullback – your entire back should be supported from the bottom of your bum to the bottom of your neck.
• Breathe – the chair should be made of breathable materials and it should not be itchy or abrasive. You might be sitting in it for eight hours. Do you want to sweat or be comfortable?
• Movement – a swivel chair preferably on wheels is ideal in an office so you don’t have to get up to reach your files.
• Adjustability – use the 90 Degree Joint Rule. Make sure that you can sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. If they don’t reach get a footstool. Then when you are seated check that your elbows, knees, hips, and feet each make 90-degree angles.


My Home Office – Real Life Example

I wrote this article today from my private home office, which is the tiniest bedroom in the house.

I close the door and my family knows I am not to be disturbed at work. At the end of my day, I walk away from my work entirely. It’s so great. I wrote on my 27” HP widescreen – heaven on my aging eyes. And I sat in my HON Mirus chair which I purchased off a showroom floor. One last amazing point – check out your local office supply stores. They often have refurbished chairs. My chair cost me under $200. It retailed at over $700. Yes, great office chairs are expensive. A lifetime of chiropractic costs more plus the time you have to take to go. Buying a refurbished chair definitely brings that expense way down.

That’s a wrap! Happy productive working in your new home office.

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