Happy Holidays!

December marches on as we continue to make merry here at Casa Avery.

Casa Avery
Client’s Bathroom

I stopped by a business colleague’s home project recently to add the finishing touches just in time for the holidays. He and his family needed an upstairs bath remodeled and wanted to update their floors downstairs. It was fun to work outside of my usual office design. Surprise, I do some residential design. If you have a bathroom that needs an update, please give me a call.

I mentioned in my last letter that I spirited away to Narragansett for an overnight to plan my first quarter calendar. While I was there, I also wrote the answers to a series of year end questions. These have always helped me in reviewing the past year and determining the next. I ran these questions by my mastermind group at the beginning of the month and it engendered a lively discussion. Feel free to use the questions at your next mastermind meeting.



How did I grow last year? What was something new that I tried?

I dove deep into the world of video. I put on two Facebook Live challenges and updated my YouTube channel. The YouTube piece is something I’m working on right now.

2. How did I make an impact? What am I most proud of?

3. What were your numbers? Gross income? Profit?

4. How many days off did I take? What did I do with my free time?

I took a storytelling class and I traveled with my family.

5. For what are you most grateful?

Imagine it’s December 31, 2019. How has your business (and you) changed?

This is the big one. My goal for next year is to become a public speaker and to publish my book. I am starting a podcast in January. I will be available to speak on topics in the areas of office design and productivity. If you know of a group who needs a speaker, please let me know at catherine@catherineavery.com.

2. What growth/learning do I need to get there?

3. What impact do I want to make in 2019?

4. What first step can in the first quarter to move forward on my year end goal?

Ok, just a short note this week as I’m off and running again to the next holiday gathering. Stay tuned for more details on the podcast in the new year.

Have a joy filled holiday!

To your success,

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