Happy New Year!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

At this time of year, my clients often ask me how they can start off the new year on the right foot. So here are 3 things you can do right now to set up your 2019 for success.

Defrag Your Computer

When is the last time you did this? I’m sure I’m overdue. Y’all know I think miniature hamsters run the computer. Thank goodness for Google. Set this up at the end of the work day so it runs while you’re out enjoying that after work beer, you organizing powerhouse!

Here’s how per dummies.com:

To clean up files on your hard drive:

  1. Choose Start→Control Panel→System and Security. The Administrative Tools window appears.
  2. Click Defragment Your Hard Drive. The Disk Defragmenter dialog box appears.
  3. Click the Analyze Disk button. …
  4. When the analysis is complete, click the Defragment Disk button. …
  5. Click Close.


Clean Out Your Email

I can’t emphasize enough how life changing this has been for me. Before you exclaim I have tens of thousands of emails, are you crazy!?! Know that I had over 50,000 emails in 3 accounts. Over the course of three 2 hour sessions using the amazing app, Mailstrom (costs under $50 for a year), I got my inbox to under 2,000. How?

  1. I deleted and unsubscribed to anything I don’t read any more.
  2. I deleted all old ads for stuff. The last thing I need is more stuff.
  3. I archived anything ‘important’ client or family related prior to Jan 2017.

I am not at inbox zero and I am OK with that because clearing out over 48,000 emails is amazing. Mailstrom will show you your progress. Give yourself a high five or a manicure or a beer after each session. I recommend you wait on the beer until after work. LOL

If you work for a larger company, be sure to check what their email policies are.

Organize your Financial Papers

If you’re really organized, you’ll rock all of your paperwork. But since I am a believer in celebrating small steps, just get all of your receipts, bills, statements, expenses etc together.

My tax info is 90% complete. How? I have a deep aversion to ticking off the IRS, so my book keeper and I ran everything through November. Next week, we will file all W9s (small business owners don’t forget these!) and finish December. Check that one off your list!

Bonus To Do

Call me for help. I love to get businesses set up with the systems that work best for them! These include

  • Email de-cluttering and organizing
  • Organizing, filing and systematizing paperwork – financial or otherwise
  • Creating or updating standard operating procedures manuals
  • Setting up customized time management systems
  • Updating your office design to be more productive and profitable while being employee friendly and reflecting your corporate culture

I still have a few openings in mid-January. Let’s get you on my schedule now for an amazing 2019! Click here to schedule an appointment.

To your success,

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