The daffodils and hyacinths are blooming, we have shed the winter jackets, and this weekend we will return our rental skis. I prepped for Bob’s birthday dinner on the back patio on Saturday. And happy surprise, it was warm enough to host outside as well.

Last weel, two people I care about had heart ablation procedures. No sooner were they both proclaimed well than a fire broke out at Notre Dame. We visited only a few weeks ago. It was a real eye-opener for our teen who preferred macaron cooking class to being dragged through countless cathedrals in Europe – three that day in Paris. A stark reminder that nothing is permanent. Many of the emotions I had watching the coverage of Notre Dame were similar to those I had on 9/11. Thankfully, there was no loss of life and that of itself is a miracle. I’ll be talking about this more in a future podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, we are about a week away from launch. It has been a full-on effort from everyone on Team PBD over the last few months.

I often mention project management and productivity, so thought I would give this real life how to example that you can copy for your next project. It involves five steps with questions based on my education with Productive Environment Institute.

How To Get from Point A to Z: A Real Life Example

Step 1
What is my vision? 

What would success look like for me?

My goal is to be a paid public speaker and to transition to teaching how to design a productive office environment. Short term success would be to be recognized as a public speaker.

Stating your vision or your goals always has to be the first step. If you don’t know where you want to go, you’re not going to be able to get there. Think of a car. I’m guessing 99% of the time, when you get in your car you have a destination in mind. Sometimes my car seems to drive me back home even if that’s not my plan, hence the 99%.

Step 2
What could get in the way of my success?

Always assess the obstacles because sooner or later they are bound to surface. Sometimes, I can get in the way of fulfilling my vision. I’m sure you can relate. A lack of knowledge can get in that way as can preconceived notions of how something should be done. Lack of financing at this moment is a possibility depending upon the size and parameters of the goal.

Identifying your obstacles will help you make a plan to navigate them. For example, I can get out of my own way by hiring a team. I can set a launch roll-out and work the steps backward placing due dates on my calendar. Usually, I can give myself some room for the inevitable obstacles.

Step 3 
What resources are available to accomplish my goal?
What time, money and other resources are available to invest to make sh*t happen? 

Luckily, there was not a lot of financial investment for my podcast beyond a great quality microphone and some software. But it has taken a great deal of time to get the first episodes up and running. My resources of course also include my team, so that’s time, management, and money. Considering they have skills that I most assuredly don’t, they are well worth that investment.

Step 5
How do I ensure my success is sustainable?

Well, I sure won’t be recording only 4 podcasts so I need a plan to keep the momentum. My podcast topic list has dates in it and I have added those to my Asana project management software. They auto upload to my Google calendar. I know that each week’s podcast needs to be recorded at least a week in advance so that my team can upload the recording and add the intro and outro.

Step 4
What steps do I need to take to ensure success?

This is all about strategy and planning. I like to plan on a large, physical calendar. I put the launch date in first and then work backwards. Which days will I be recording? Wednesdays are pretty noisy, so I know not to schedule interviews that day.

The steps in the process include but are not limited to setting up the Libsyn account, creating a calendar of topics and interviewees, figuring out the plan for recording, and hiring the right team to do the back-end administration.

Below is my most recent Podcast – Choices.  Please watch and provide your comments and feedback in the area below the video. Here is the link to My YouTube Channel, I am looking to get my subscribers to 100 before the end of May.

Are you ready to take the steps to up-level your productivity game in the office?  Let’s get on a call to see how I can help you  

To your success

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