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About a week ago, I was in Fenwick Island with my family on a working vacation. I had noticed that my friend, Yasmin’s trip for Joyful Living had taken him to the Carolina coast and realized that our happy place of Fenwick Island could be a perfect stopping point. What I didn’t know when I invited Yasmin was that my aunt would die on Memorial Day and we would be setting up her memorial service for the weekend after he visited. So I was in a conundrum. How do I talk, live, feel joy at a time that was about loss?

Yet my cancer journey had taught me many of those lessons. I decided to allow events to unfold. Yasmin’s time was a wonderful gift.


What does joy look like?

My first segment in my brand-new podcast, The Uncluttered Office, has been focused on how your productivity is affected by your mindset. 

Joy is a mindset. As Yasmin and I talked over his amazing cooking in my kitchen, I realized that he would be the perfect first guest on my show. I was in no way prepared but fortunately, being a documentary filmmaker, he was.

Joy can be a part of everyday life, even in a world that can be stressful and challenging at times. We all have things we “have” to do. But mind-set and connection can create flow to be more effective. You can still have joy in the day to day chores.

The Joyful Living Project is about traveling across the country gathering stories of joy and spreading joy to others. I asked Yasmin to share how he stays productive on the road and how he manages the uncertainty when he’s not at home. 

On the podcast, Yasmin shared how you can stay joyful regardless of your schedule.  He even talks about how changing plans can be a joyful choice. It’s a great example of paying attention to what feels right, even if it’s different than what we’d planned.

Remember Play?

Yasmin helped me play at a time when there was so much to be done. Play is what can bring us joy. As adults we need to rethink our definition of play. We’re not children running around the playground and building sandcastles. Though grab your kids or grand-kids and give it a try, it’s super fun!

I have a list of go-to play activities from meeting friends by the water to going to the salon to visiting a museum, reading a book in front of the fireplace or sitting on the beach and watching the boats go by. You can create your own list.


How do You Define Home?

In 9 months (so far) of traveling. Yasmin has re-defined what home is for him. It’s about being present in every moment.

We both have learned how to “let go” though from very different circumstances. A big part of that process has been learning to receive.

  • Receiving the gift of Yasmin’s amazing cooking – I’ll take it!
  • Enjoying the time we spent together with my parents telling stories and watching my dad’s delight in eating foods that I never thought he would try. He even took home leftovers.
  • Resting on the beach and laughing at Joyful Joe’s antics.

Want to learn more about Yasmin?  Check out his website or on Instagram

All of that is a gift

MY gift to you is The Uncluttered Office podcast. I would love to hear the topics you are interested in hearing about. 

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