I learned to surf this week.

I had set 3 intentions for my business retreat to Carolina Beach, NC: build a sales funnel/strategy, be open to all possibilities, and most importantly have fun. So on my first night here when Andrea casually mentioned surfing lessons, I said sure.

Me!?! I’m 53, a cancer survivor, and I’ve never done anything like surfing. Or so I thought.

There are big shifts happening in my business and I’ve learned that the best way to shift is to do something way out of my comfort zone.

After a good night’s sleep, it hit me. I was flat out terrified.

The board is going to hit me in the head, knock me senseless, the riptide will drag me under and I will die a watery death. Greeeeeeaaaaaattttt… Nothing like the lizard brain kicking in full force.

So my options . . .

Crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head. That’s never been an option I would choose. . . Or


Feel the fear and do it anyway.


Off I went. I pulled on my rash guard, took the land lesson and headed out into the waves with Jackson, my instructor.

My first try, I was just happy I got on the board. No, I didn’t stand up.

Three tries later, I got up on the board and it was so exhilarating (terrifying) that I promptly fell off.

I realized it was a bit like skiing and I’m good at skiing. I could bring what I know about skiing to surfing, right?

And that’s when I started to build my confidence. By the THIRD ride.

Can you imagine what your business would be like if you knew it would only take you THREE tries to get your confidence going?

Right now, what’s the first thing that comes to mind that you have always wanted to try but were too afraid to get out there?

Write it down. Now put a date on it. By when will you accomplish it?

And if you want, share it with me at this email. I would love to help keep you accountable.  To set up a time to chat, contact me here.

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