Surfing – wow the lessons.

Once I got up on the board, I found I kept getting a bit better at surfing but more importantly was learning more about my business and myself. Somehow, someway, even flat out terrified, in order to surf (in order to do anything!) you must trust the process. When I look at each attempt not as a failure but as one more data-point on the road to success, I am better able to enjoy the journey.

Have you noticed that too?

Detach from the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, I know this is so hard, especially when it’s something in which you’re completely invested. Every try you make is simply a chance to learn something. Life (business) is not always about success or failure. It’s about learning and applying it.

One time I stalled, because I didn’t paddle first. You can’t gain momentum if you don’t paddle. Think about that for a second. There’s no skipping a step.

Another time, I was too far up the board and then pearled (surfer speak for a nose-dive) under the wave. After that one, I shouted yard sale!

Then I had to explain to my extremely young but truly talented and very, very patient instructor, Jackson, that that’s a skiing term for a wipeout where your gear goes flying.

Which leads me to if you don’t know what the h*ll you’re doing, get a coach! Don’t do something new and scary alone.

Someone out there has done this before you and can teach you, I promise.

When I started public speaking, I joined Toastmasters. I belong to a mastermind filled with smart, young tech people because I just don’t get tech. That’s ok. I’ve got my peeps. And I have a business coach to navigate the transitions.

A few times I wiped out because my surfing instructor (coach) and I were getting our signals crossed. I told him you need to talk to me like your dog – Sit, Stay, etc. Horrified, his eyes went wide. “I need clear instructions please – paddle, pop UP!”

Don’t be afraid to tell someone in authority what you need…nicely. Over the next few weeks, I will continue with the lessons I learned from the surfboard. Go out there and try new things!

Let me know how it goes.

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