Do you ever feel distracted?

I know I do.

Emails ping. The phone rings incessantly. And now I have the iWatch, so every robo-call vibrates on my left wrist.

The kids want play dates. The laundry is never ending from swim suits and beach towels.

Clients cancel or change appointments because their schedules are nuts. The boss absolutely, positively needs this report just as you’re walking out the door for a long weekend.

Summer can be quite the balancing act, right?

To stay balanced in surfing you must face where you want to go. Now that can be a bit awkward because your feet are sideways to the board and your body is twisting to face forward. Yes it’s as tricky as it sounds.

In surfing, you have to look at a point on the horizon not down at the board. If you look down at the board you’re diving down. Splash or if you’re unlucky, splat. This takes faith that you put your dang feet in the right spot on the board. Eventually just like riding a bike, it becomes muscle memory.

Looking anywhere but where you are trying to go will result in a wipeout every time. Well at least until you’ve got the whole surfing thing down.

Remember when you first learned to drive? All of those things you had to think about – braking, using the turn signal, accelerating – they are completely second nature to you now. And no that does not mean you can text and drive. NO.

The minute I lose my focus or sight of my long term vision for my business and my life, I metaphorically wipe out.

  • I over commit.
  • I play one too many games of Candy Crush.
  • I forget an appointment.

I don’t meet a deadline.

Sound familiar?

We’re all guilty of this from time to time. No judgment!

So how can you combat the scatter brain?

Here’s what I do to get back my focus:

  1. Figure out your 3 top values. Mine are health, family, and travel. Every decision I make keeps those values in mind. When I don’t is when the wipe-out comes.  That doesn’t mean I don’t work. Hey health, family, and travel all cost money!
  2. Make goals that are aligned with your values.  For example, I want to travel a lot more. That means I need a business model that supports that. That’s why I’ve been shifting to an online business model over the past year. Yes I still go out to see clients. But I’m having more Zoom meetings and schlepping around the I-95 less.
  3. Write that sh*t down both your values and your goals. Put it on the wall where you can see it every day.
  4. Break the goal into bite size chunks. I had to learn how to get on the board before I focused on facing where I wanted to go.
  5. Set deadlines for each task.

Boom. Done. That’s how you get back on the board.

Need help? Get an accountability partner or a coach. I’m available…mostly from Zoom. Let’s do this.

Now go ride that wave!



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