This is my last lesson from the surf. And it’s fitting given my release of the brand new EPIC Office Transformation service.

You know that whole life is about the journey stuff your grandma taught you? Well she was right.

My surfing wasn’t always perfect. Believe me most of my rides were not pretty and certainly nowhere close to perfect. I have yet to ride all the way in. My every ride still ends in a fall – some by design and some complete yard sales.

But that’s ok. I’m learning. I’m stoked. That’s surfer talk for having fun.

To discover at age 53 that I can do something completely different and difficult and still have success after only 2 hours of lessons is the ultimate in badass.

Learning something that was completely new took me all the way out of my comfort zone. And we all know the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

I’ve joined Toastmasters, told the surfing story at Holy Shift (a local story telling event) and I’ve discovered that what was always my deepest fear – public speaking – I absolutely love. If you’re looking for a speaker on productivity or motivation, please contact me. I’m all in. Here is a link to my media kit.

Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to try but have been too afraid…just face your fear and do it. So long as it’s not dangerous, illegal or immoral, you have nothing to lose.

Ride the waves.

Fist bump after every try.

Buy the t-shirt.

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