Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! We had lots of candy and not the greatest weather, but we still had fun. We always do.

The time change is Sunday. We’ll be “gaining” an extra hour if you’re in most of the US.

Maybe I’m perpetually 5, but I laugh every year at this meme. It just doesn’t get old for me.

What would you do differently if you could turn back time?

When my clients come to me, they often are so hard on themselves. They talk about

  • the opportunities they missed at work because their office was a mess and they couldn’t find a report or twelve
  • their frustration being late to yet another meeting or (gasp!) missing it entirely
  • how they could have accomplished so much more if they had just finished that project already.

Sounds a bit like perfection paralysis, right <<First Name>>?

If this is you, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. I was the queen of 80% complete projects languishing in my laptop.

And don’t even ask me about being late. Yikes! Google Calendar on my smart phone is definitely my friend.

Here’s the thing.

You’re fine just the way you are now.

Let that sink in for a minute.

We’re all perfectly imperfectly human. We’re doing the best job we can with the tools we have now. We’ve all had an opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes.

Ask yourself this.

Does your inner voice give you as much grace as you give your friends or your kids? No?

That’s more common than you think.

So first give yourself the gift of grace.

Now deep breath. Ready to learn some tools to get you on the path to productive?

Let’s talk in a judgement free zone where we figure out together what you will do not what you should do together.

There’s no “shoudering” on yourself in the surf! Can you imagine? We’d all just be sitting out on our surf boards perpetually waiting for the perfect wave. Who wants to miss some of the good ones for perfect? What fun is that?

Let’s make work more fun together – click here to set up a call.

See you in the surf.


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