Thank G-d it’s Friday!

As I watched my daughter board the bus this morning, I was thinking about the importance of asking.

She’s the only student picked up at her bus stop on the corner – about a three minute walk from our home. Early in the school year, she asked the bus driver if she could be dropped off at home. It’s on the route and the bus driver said yes. That’s morphed to also being picked up in front of our home, which means on a cold day like today she can wait in the warmer garage. Wicked smaht…

Somehow in the journey to adulthood, some of us stop asking.

  • Maybe we forget how.
  • Maybe we heard ‘no’ one too many times and don’t want to hear it yet again.
  • Maybe we’re just so used to doing it all ourselves.

No is crucial to asking. What? Stay with me. I know your mind is imploding right now.

In order to get what we want, we have to learn how to say no to what we don’t want.

And a lot of us never want to say no. We load up our lives with invitations and committees and business meetings and pointless obligations.

We lose ourselves in our yes.

It’s time to practice saying no.

It’s time to unclutter your business and your life.

I teach how to say no in my EPIC Office Transformation program. I also teach how to say YES.

Yes – to the things that light us up and bring us joy.

It’s about being intentional with our space, our time, and our information.

You can only say yes to those things when you’ve said no to the stuff that drags you down.

This doesn’t mean you never again have to do the sh*t you can’t stand.

Take laundry as an example. I loathe doing laundry. I mean I would rather run a marathon. Y’all know I don’t run right?

One day, I decided to observe myself doing laundry.

I broke it down into each of the steps and touched base with myself on each one.

  1. Carrying the laundry to the laundry room – not so bad.
  2. Sorting – eh ok.
  3. Washing – fine.
  4. Putting in the dryer – fairly easy (when I remember to do it – lol)
  5. Taking it out and folding it – OMG why do I have to fold this stuff? ARGH!

And there it is. That part of laundry that I can’t freaking stand to do!

So now what? This is where we need to get creative.

I asked my cleaning gal if she would be willing to fold my laundry. She said yes. That meant I changed the day I do laundry. Well that’s not really a life changing shift, right? I only had to make one small change to eliminate the annoying piece.

  1. I said NO to the one part of laundry that I hated.
  2. Then I asked.
  3. And I got the YES.

It IS really this simple. You can do this with every aspect of your business.
While you’re doing a task you loathe, break down the steps. Think strategically.

  • Could you not be doing this task at all?
  • Could someone else be doing it?
  • Is there a more efficient way to accomplish it?
  • What would it take for you to get it done? Fun music? An accountability partner? An incentive?

Get intentional. Then ASK.

Here’s MY ask today.

I just returned from a three day business conference in Newport, Rhode Island. We focused on speaking to expand our platforms. I’ve been in Toastmasters since the summer and I even told my story at Holy Shift.

It’s time for me to reach more people.

I speak on topics related to productivity, entrepreneurship, and management of time, space and information. I also have a motivational talk in the works called Surfing Lessons The Life Changing Art of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Do you or your group or anyone you know need speakers?

I’ve attached my speaker one sheet to make this super easy! Please feel free to share it.

What can I help YOU with today? Ask me here: Schedule Call 

See you in the surf.

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