The excitement of the holidays has slowed to a mere trickle. Our home is filled with love and laughter and mostly quiet. A home with 3 mostly introverts can have that effect.

I love the peaceful lull between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s the space in between.

I take a notebook and write out heading on the pages:

  • Accomplishments 2019
  • 3 Year Goal
  • 1 Year Goal
  • 90 Day Actions
  • 30 Day Actions

Then I fill in the pages – a little here… make some lunch, a little there… order a 2020 calendar (I’m late on that I know), some more here… pack the ski bags.

Side Note: I like the At a Glance Calendar – the big one – to plan out those 90 day and 30 day actions with color coded sticky notes. Yes, color coded because I’m a visual learner and once you’ve designed one thing, you design everything.

I’ll be explaining my calendar process in an upcoming podcast. January’s theme is planning. Stay tuned.

My pace is slow and deliberate. I use the “task” time in between to give my brain and heart space to remember and honor the past year while I feel into what’s next.

I dedicate myself to learning. I’m finishing up Patty Lennon’s Receiving School (a gem) and gearing up to learn Good Notes with Kim Klassen. So far, I’ve downloaded the app to my iPad, but we all start somewhere. Good Notes looks like a great hybrid for people like me who scribble our brilliance in notebooks and then can’t remember which notebook it’s in. I love having everything saved in the cloud. Next up is a purchase of a stylus!

We watch movies. So far – Star Wars (in the theatre for my birthday) and Jumanji (so we can go to the theatre for the second one). Last night, Bob and I watched The Two Popes on Netflix. It was absolutely brilliant. Religious or no, watching the relationship of these two men evolve is spectacular.

I read a lot in between too. Those books I always imagine having time to finish but don’t get to. Right now, I’m studying Executive Function Difficulties in Adults (slow going but fascinating and going to be super helpful for me to help my clients) and savoring Anne Lamott’s “Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair” .

Here’s a smidge of Lamott’s brilliance.

“Say it’s true: It is what it is. We’re social, tribal, musical animals, walking percussion instruments. Most of us do the best we can. We show up. We strive for gratitude, and try not to be such babies.”

“When you love something like reading—or drawing or music or nature—it surrounds you with a sense of connection to something great.”

At church on Christmas Eve, the pastor Alan Murchie, preached on the power of music to move us, to tell the story of Christmas in a way that words alone cannot do. Music transports in whatever story we attempt to understand or tell.

I don’t draw but I find it meaningful that this week, I’m surrounding myself with 3 out of 4: music, reading and nature. Maybe we’ll find a good museum this weekend so I can appreciate others vast artistic talent.

Not all of us are given the same gifts. Isn’t that magical?

What magic will you create in 2020?  Let’s chat about your goals for 2020 together! Set up your call here.

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