Growing up I wanted to be a teacher.

I’d set up my ‘school’ and line up my Barbie dolls in a row with their pencils and paper. Sometimes I was able to rope my little brother into the fun. Sorry bro

I have this vision of me teaching dolls and race cars. I’m not sure if that’s true. Childhood was a very long time ago.

I also loved to learn. And I still do.

Growing up, we had the 2 sets of Encyclopedia Britannica on our bookshelves. If we wanted to know something, my folks told us to look it up in the encyclopedia. This concept would be completely foreign to my teen daughter who has ready access to a world of information in a key stroke. Not a bad thing. I’m a big fan of the internet.

Yesterday, my mom asked why the moon rose so early in December and so late (4 hours difference) in January. I had no idea. And I thought how brilliant and observant she is to have noticed. I never did.

Cue Google.

I still can’t quite explain why this happens because the article was technical, but wow be still my geek heart! Here’s the short version. The moon rises and sets like the sun but 12 degrees east of the sun. That means it increasingly lags the sun by 50 minutes per day. That would account for the discrepancy.

But I digress.

By high school, I decided I wanted to teach English. I loved literature. I loved being transported to a different time or place simply by immersing myself in the magic of the written word.

And words! I still love words! I had (have) such an extensive vocabulary that I was accused of plagiarism in 9th grade Earth Science. I was no goody two shoes, but I worked way too hard on that paper to take the accusation lying down. I proved my resources and got the grade changed.

Fast forward – I ended up taking a detour through Wall Street and then became a designer which was infinitely more creative. Now I’m a productivity consultant.

What does a bunch of disparate childhood stories have to do with work and productivity?

In 2019, I realized that answer was ‘everything’.

Every day I learn something new and every day I teach. I read and I write every single day. And I love it.

2019 was the year I embraced my inner teacher geek.

2020 is the year I will share that with a much bigger audience.

I’m not entirely sure what that looks like yet, but I can assure you I’m already bolting down that path.

I’m getting up on the stage. I did my Toastmasters Ice Breaker on Wednesday. I’m scheduled to teach a workshop in February and give a presentation in March. And surprise, after years of being terrified of the mere thought of getting up on stage, I’m absolutely loving it. I still get those pre-butterflies, but once I get going, I’m in the zone.

My first ‘teaching’ of the new year is the 20 Day EPIC Office Organization Challenge. It started Monday January 13th   

You can start anytime, up to January 31st for FREE!  The Challenge is my gift to you,starting on February 1st, you’ll have to pay, so don’t delay.

Over the course of 20 days, you will receive short prompts from me – action tasks that take you no more than 10 minutes. You’ll de-clutter and organize one small section of your office each day.

I’ll be right there in it with you. While writing (and researching) the content, I found some areas of my office that could use a little sprucing up.

I’m not perfect and you won’t be alone on the journey.

You can sign up here: 20 Day EPIC Office Organization Challenge

I hope you’ll join me in setting up a productive environment that works for you (in just 10 minutes a day) for your massive success in 2020!

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