I don’t feel like it.

It’s right now on a Friday morning (just after noon by the time I finish). I’ve been exhausted for longer than I can remember. I slept really well – hallelujah!

I’m taking a half day today. And as I was finishing up some things at my desk, I realized that I had not written my ezine.

I said to myself out loud (don’t judge me):

“I don’t feel like it.”

I could feel the six million excuses bubble right up to the surface.

And yet here I am in your inbox, <<First Name>>!


Because how you do anything is how you do everything. And I made a commitment to you and to myself to BE in your inbox every Friday.

Today, I’m in your inbox mostly on sheer willpower and commitment with a bit of brain fog and a headache to beat the band and a teen who’s still in her pjs because she finished her midterms yesterday and has today off. LUCKY! Well except the midterm part. I wouldn’t want to have to take those again.

But it’s all ok. Because you’re worth it. And I love being in your inbox each week!

So now that I’ve buttered you up, I have a favor to ask.

I’m looking to talk to people who have brain fog, like I do sometimes.

They’re the people who are well meaning and

  • are always running late for the meetings or
  • their office looks like a bomb went off and they can’t find anything or
  • constantly say they’re overwhelmed and have too much to do.

Do you work with someone like this?

I would love to ask them some questions about it.
I had to learn how to deal with chemo brain and executive function issues myself, so I’m highly empathetic.
Figure it’s a 15 minute conversation – completely confidential and zero sales pitch!

Let’s talk: http://bit.ly/SchedCallPBD


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