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We believe your environment matters to your well being.  A successful business needs a great design, sustainable systems, and the experience to bring them together.

As a child, Catherine was drawn to antiques and design. In fact, for her 16th birthday, she asked her parents for an antique secretary desk. It was during these early and formative years that Catherine began to reimagine and recreate spaces. Ever since she’s been fascinated and intrigued by built environments and their transformative effects. You can still occasionally find her walking construction sites to guess which rooms are which.

We could tell you about Catherine’s MBA, corporate work history in marketing and branding or even how she went on to take a Professional Certificate in Interior Design, or that she was mentored by a well-known local interior designer. Productivity by Design™ is not only a product of her education, work experience in the corporate world, or ability as a designer, it’s also about her whole life experience.

On September 11, 2015 Catherine Avery was diagnosed with breast cancer – triple positive. After she caught her breath and turned back on her brain, she quipped “This day already sucks for me, so at least you didn’t ruin another.” Rather than view this time as a setback, she chose to embrace the opportunity for growth. Rallying her friends and family she tackled surgery, chemo and radiation with humor, grace and gratitude. Catherine believes that everything in life is a lesson for us and it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.
We understand that every journey begins with a small step and a bigger purpose. We work with small to mid-size businesses to create environments that reflect their corporate brand image and dramatically improve creative and productive energy in the workplace.

Our passion for redesigning interior spaces is driven by your vision of success.

To Your Success,


Stuff comes up and sooner or later you are deep in the fight. The question is do you keep swinging or give up?

Having cancer meant finding my inner badass. You have one too.

~Catherine Avery

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