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20 Day Challenge for 2020


  • Do you have piles of papers stacked on your desk, the chair or maybe the floor?
  • Are you working on weekends to catch up?
  • Do you feel like a lost cause?

You are not alone.

Before ⇒

If …..

  • Letting go of stuff
  • Getting your office organized
  • Keeping it organized

Feels like a *$%# slog, you’re in the right place.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

⇐ After

I was the queen of clutter.  I get you.

I have executive function disorder, which came out like a raging tiger when combined with chemo brain.

I was 50 years old and suddenly felt completely incompetent.

  • I’d be in a meeting and forget a simple word like lumber.
  • I couldn’t find my client’s file.
  • I worked at Starbucks so I wouldn’t have to face the stuff bomb in my office.


 Imagine figuring this shizz out at 50?

  • Decluttering
  • Setting up systems
  • Getting my time back
  • Not feeling overwhelmed every freaking minute of the day
  • Not saying I’m too busy all the time

If I can do it, you can too. I’ve helped clients with ADD and even traumatic brain injury set up office systems for success.

And it all starts with organizing your office to be a productive environment for you!

I know, I know.

Who wants to waste time organizing?

But fret not.

I have broken down the organizing process into teeny tiny pieces that you can do in just about 10 minutes per day.

20 days of commitment to creating a calm space to work.

Let’s put the fun back into functional together.
Let’s create a space that allows you to succeed at work and enjoy your life.


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You’ll want to get started now!

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