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I’m Catherine Avery.

I help busy professionals optimize their work spaces to maximize their productivity.

I am able to do this virtually, which my clients love. Maybe you are like many of my clients.

Your client calls looking for a report and you have NO IDEA where you’ve put it.

You can never have clients over to the office because you have piles of paper on the floor.

Or you have 6 half finished projects and have no idea why your phone isn’t ringing with new clients.


Take advantage of this limited time offer now!

Let me tell you about my client, Lindsay.

In addition to her day job, Lindsay runs a non-profit from a small desk area near her kitchen. When we first talked, Lindsey felt frustrated by the many papers and projects scattered across her desk. She needed to have better focus. She was embarrassed to have people over because of her cluttered space.

I sat down with Lindsey, virtually, and we evaluated her space and time management. This enabled me to get a sense of her strengths and weaknesses. We created an individualized plan to reduce the clutter and confusion at her desk and in her work life. Lindsey achieved epic productivity to give her much needed down time in her very busy life.

How do I do this?

I can create a productive environment with you as well. I’ll achieve this by focusing on your individual space. You’ll start by taking a short test called the TSSI (Time and Space Style Inventory). Once completed, we’ll book a 30-minute virtual meeting to discuss your results.

During the consultation, I’ll share with you an actionable strategy to effect an immediate and positive shift.

This could include, but is not limited to:

  • setting up a FINDING system (yes, FINDING not FILING) so you are never struggling to find a client file again
  • identifying and eliminating distractions
  • making recommendations on item and furniture placement to create your optimal working environment
I'm here to help!

Just listen to what Lindsey had to say…

Working a full-time job and running a non-profit on evenings and weekends has left me little time for organizing my office. Clutter accumulates and has a negative impact on my ability to focus.

Working with Catherine has helped me understand that I need to embrace my personal time and space management characteristics to develop an organizational style that will clear the clutter and improve my workflow. Her insight into my organizational “personality traits” was fascinating and right on point.

Customizing a plan for my office has provided the first step to becoming more efficient in my work-life, leading to an increase in productivity and some much needed downtime.

Thank you Catherine!

Lindsey A. Wolko
Founder, Center for Pet Safety

Limited Time Offer

This offer contains over $250 in value. You will be given an easy assessment that will grade your overall productivity. Then during a 30 minute call, Catherine will provide you with a “Productivity Profile” of your office environment and how you use your time – what we call your style preferences. There is no right or wrong style preference. On the call, Catherine will also give you next steps to get back into your natural rhythm at work again.

This offer is available for a LIMITED TIME at only $99. Act fast to take advantage of this offer and increase your productivity!

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