Design That Suits The Way You Work.

Total Office Transformation

Our Promise: 

After our time together you will

  • Know what to do with every new item that comes into your office
  • Be able to find anything that we have put into the system with a single keyword search
  • Have a Game Plan for anything not yet in the system at the end of our time together

Productive Environment Day

If your company cannot answer all 7 of these questions,
you will benefit from a Productive Environment Day™:


  1. What information do we need to keep?
  2. In what form?
  3. For how long?
  4. Who is responsible for filing it?
  5. Who needs access to it?
  6. How can we find it?
  7. How is it backed up?

Productivity by Design™



Designed by Brand Scrubbers
@2018 Productivity by Design™

Catherine Avery
Productivity by Design
357 Commerce Drive, 1104
Fairfield CT, 06825.

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