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How Do You Feel in Your Office?

Your office is so cluttered that you shut the door and retreat to the conference room or kitchen with your laptop.

Stuck in a Giant Time Suck?

You never seem to be able to lay your hands on that client file or the project your boss is asking for right now.

What is a Productive Environment™?

Total Office Transformation™

What is a Productive Environment™?

We define a Productive Environment™ as an intentionalsetting where everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

Many offices are full of clutter, resulting in wasted time, space, energy and money. Research shows that 80% of paper, information and supplies kept by a company is never used.

Most companies don’t know how to eliminate the clutter effectively, efficiently, and safely, without negatively impacting productivity—and the environment.

Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES)

What is a Total Office Transformation™?

A Total Office Transformation™ is a structured program, led by a Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES), who provides education, guidance and expertise to management and staff as they clear out clutter, and make decisions about what to keep and what can be safely tossed, ultimately increasing productivity, profit and peace of mind. 

Find out if your company is a candidate for a Total Office Transformation™.

We can help you accomplish in one day, what would take months to do on your own—guaranteed.

Working a full-time job and running a non-profit on evenings and weekends has left me little time for organizing my office.  Clutter accumulates and has a negative impact on my ability to focus.  Working with Catherine has helped me understand that I need to embrace my personal time and space management characteristics to develop an organizational style that will clear the clutter and improve my workflow. Her insight into my organizational “personality traits” was fascinating and right on point. Customizing a plan for my office has provided the first step to becoming more efficient in my work-life, leading to an increase in productivity and some much needed downtime.  Thank you Catherine!  
Lindsey Wolko

Founder, Center for Pet Safety

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